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Whether or not you already have a store online, you may have a customized, ad/banner-free webstore in BCG space, with the option of using a BCG email address (POP and web-based -- or POP only -- e.g. Outlook Express).

I do all the work in designing and creating your online store and installing your ecommerce cart. However, you do need to provide information such as the photos of your products, prices, etc. For you, providing e-cart details is a tedious and long task, but it comprises mostly of a fill-in-the-blanks setup online, and is a one-time task.

To initiate setting up your store, submit your photos and products' descriptions.

In order for your store to be created and remain accessible to shoppers, you must keep a valid telephone number, mailing address (no P.O. boxes) and valid email address on file with me (it does not have to be on your BCG site). And, the shipment of your products must be available to Canadians at a reasonable fee.

Your own domain name isn't necessary, but if you have one, you can inexpensively forward it to your website in BCG's space. You can also obtain an email account that matches your domain name.

- Photos must be clear and at least medium in size. JPEG/JPG/GIF only.
- Please ensure that all text content has been proofread. I might have time to do this (ask) or you can use a professional.
- Please ensure that what you send to me is what you want posted. Sorry, but making changes later is too time-consuming.
- Do not format any of the text (no HTML, underlining, tabbing, all-capitals, centering, etc.).
- Please proofread and ensure that your content is complete.
- Following is a list of what you should have ready when you contact me:

- Product photos
- Product names/numbers
- Category names, if any.
- Prices
- Product descriptions, if any
- Contact info for your customers
- Email address for orders and other sales-related notifications
- Menu's buttons' names (if there are no categories)
- Business/site name
- Logo, if any
- Site design preferences, if any. Please note: your site/store preferences may or may not be accommodated due to technical or visibility issues.
- About Us content, if any
- Any other content you want on your site (e.g. your list of links for a reciprocal links page, your TOS, FAQ, etc.)

After your product information is received, you will be emailed the login info for your e-cart, where you will input information such as shipping charges, currency preferences, etc..
- Inputting links or any HTML or other coding/script info is not permitted.
- Changing the account's email address prior to store completion is not permitted.

Chosen payment methods: Pay Pal, cheques/checks, money orders, C.O.D., and eChecks (U.S.), and Email Money Transfers (mandatory if you do not use Pay Pal and are in Canada as well as outside of Ontario. You need to have Internet banking for this) .

Management of your stock, customer service, processing of orders, etc. are your responsibility. I only take care of the graphic and technical aspects. BCG is in no way responsible for your business operation, but, scams, terrible customer service, etc. will not be tolerated. In order for your store to be created and remain accessible to shoppers, you must keep a valid telephone number, mailing address (no P.O. boxes) and valid email address on file with me (it does not have to be on your BCG site).

Please note that Yahoo associates your business email account with your free Yahoo account. Hence, you are able to login to your business account with your associated Yahoo ID. However, sending and receiving can be done via [you]

You are responsible for marketing your webstore. A link will be placed to it in BCG's site, but it is up to you to inform the public that it exists. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, the notion that "if you build it, they will come" does not apply to an e-store. If you lack the funds to market your webstore well, do not lose heart. Your present customers may appreciate being able to order from you online, and it is always handy to be able to tell potential customers at craft shows, etc., that you have an internet store. "Do you have a website?" is not an uncommon question at events where one showcases one's work. Visit the tips forum for info on giving your webstore exposure.

As with all other services and features available to you as a member, your e-store is completely free of charge. Please ask any and all questions prior to I's working on your estore.

Tip: Please backup your site. Download all webpages onto a disk. You may also wish to use it elsewhere on the Net, so save the pre-cart HTML as well as the cart-installed HTML.

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