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Please post what you're looking for to buy here. If you're seeking a trade, please post in the Swap group instead.

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Drawstring bag: 10" deep x 12" high w/ strong, 2" wide x [??] long straps. 2 inside pockets (1 big enough for wallet and pens; 1 spanning 1 side of the bag), 1 outside front pocket (big enough for pens), 1 strap card pocket, and preferably, but not necessarily, a section for cards (gradated open pockets) on the inside.

Protective flap closed by a non-plastic button, please. Heavy canvas, leather, denim or suede.

Please lmk your fee and how long it would take you to make this. Please also lmk if you accept a deposit then the remainder later (prior to bag's completion, presumably)
I meant "strap", not "straps".
Book bags:

2 tote bags with lots of open pockets for books (or, several dividers with elastic sewn in place to keep each book in place), plus a couple of outside closed pockets and broad, strong, long straps. One bag with an adjustable strap, please. One of the bags black, dark blue (or any denim fabric) or medium-dark green or sage.

Handles and strap attached in a way similar to these:

The straps don't have to be on the outside of the bag. I just love the strength of the straps when by being sewn down the sides of the bag.

I don't mind you using old jeans or other scrap material to make the bag. I do prefer no pattern on the fabric, but that's not necessary. Preferably, the bottom of the bag is stiff. Perhaps a foam lining there? Despite what I'd said about preferring a plain fabric bag, I'm definitely open to your being as creative as you want. E.g. a plain-fabric bag embellished like crazy or painted on, etc. is great, as opposed to a bag made of a colourful fabric.

I hope I'm not sounding very fussy. Functionality is what's important to me with any bag, esp these 2, which will be used to carry my books around. :) These bags are long-term investments and I know time is money so please don't be shy about quoting your fee properly. :) That should go w/o saying, but if any of you needleworkers are like me, you underprice your work! :p
Tops for a very plus-sized woman. :) Embroidery welcome. Some of these I'll need to be plain for my own embellishment (beading). I can buy the fabric if you want.

Styles similar to these (style only, not fabric and colours). Preferably narrow bands or none, and no gathered cuffs or waist:

Please tell me how much you'd charge and how long a top would take you to make. I need some for summer and autumn. Thanks
Wanted Small Wood Buttons (eg 1/2-3/4 inch 15 cm)

Have a new jewelry design and want small wood buttons
to use for closure.

Would prefer to trade, but will pay.
Trade list on site or here:

Wanted sterling silver earwires, prefer french hooks,
and gold or niobium earwires
prefer trade... have beads, metal, charms
Wallet needed. I need a wallet that folds in half, has a compartment for bills, a compartment for coins, and card holders. I'm totally OK with the material being from old clothes.


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