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If anyone has the time, I'd VERY much appreciate a critique of my new online store. It's in BCG's mall. Constructive criticism much preferred to compliments. :)
Later I hope to add an Events page, but I can't do that until I have enough stock to even do events. haha


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I think another title would be more fitting. Books of Note suggests.... you know, a list of books
vs. the play on note book..

... also the descriptor is more explanation than selling.... and it would be nice to use e the name of the book or the title of the image as the link instead of the word BUY

Add Afrocentric art to your life with these useful and affordable blank journals. Each unique book is hand bound. Some books include an attached bookmark. The covers are protected by non-toxic varnish. Please click the small image to see its larger version.
Omigosh, wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. How can I thank you? This is fantastic.

I'd meant the name to be a kind of pun, but yeah, if it doesn't read that way then it'll just irritate the website visitor. Maybe I should just use the title I use in person. "Cheryl Edwards". ??


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