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For those of you who are familiar with Etsy, they have a regular feature called "Quit Your Day Job". Well, seeing as I have consistent yet unfulfilled delusions of self-employment, I thought it would be nice to hear what YOUR goals and ambitions are for you hobbies/businesses and if you work your businesses full-time (and how you do it) or are planning on working at it full-time (and how you plan to do it).

What promted this is an article that was written about Li'l Crumbsnatchers in New Pittsburgh Courier. The interviewer also freelanced as a business consultant. During the course of the interview I explained to her that in addition to working my day job, I also go to school at night. Well, I was asked why I didn't pursue my business full-time and I explained that it's just isn't profitable enough. The interviewer's argument is that if I put as much effort into Li'l Crumbsnatchers as I did my day job and schoolwork, it would be profitable enough.

So, tell me: What do YOU think? What are YOUR goals? How are YOU planning to get there?

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Thankyou for that article I myself am having this ongoing deliema. I am in school full time persuing my lifelong dream of becoming a designer. At first I was working full time and taking a full course load at one point I lost my job and had a hardtime finding another that would allow me the time to keep up with my studies full time and make enough jewelry to sell and show to boutiques and private parties. I then said to myself " okey Paris you can take this as a negative or postive" and I took the later solution. I moved with my family saved enough money to buy more jewelry making supplies and used the time I would have spent working making jewelry and researching other designers, fashion industry sites and articles, boutiques and ways I could turn this passion of mine into a fulltime gig. I will admit that getting started is tough but if you keep at it the time and long hours and budgeting will pay off. Again thanks for writting this article and to everyone who reads this good luck and remember to stay positive.


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