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This was a BIG aha, as it seems a great way to get color match and use patterning that suits-- anyone. I'm in search of reasonably price blanks as I think this will make fab gifts for my stepmother, sister and others who KNow i make things, but for and to whom my own esthetic doesn't quite fit...

the source mentioned for blanks seems waaay too expensive to me, especially as you could get brass bracelets fro less from Metalliferous!

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Thank you!!!! I finally figured it out. yes used my own mandrel and I love the result and will make more for sale!!!

Your words were the key, but at first i took it literally and didn't have the right picture n my head.

They are simple sculpture and bracelets....
and my hardest problem was endcaps and i like my solution....
i had some bullet ends but they were too ... shiny/bulky.

So now another thing for me to think about making is endcaps... would like to make some in polymer clay... wish there was a great mold for this....
? the link is to the instruction... not sure about your question. I like the strenght and surface of the plastic, just wish i could find cheap blanks...I'd like to do a metal wrap...
This is my new thrill!
Now I have to design more end caps!
Mine is with a wire base. It is round!


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