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How do you attract ppl to your booth? And, how do you make it sticky? I noticed at the Hope for Justine event that booths looked great. Sindiswa's in particularly had beautiful cloth that went very well with her items. It was detailed cloth but not garish or w/ flashy colours and so didn't take attention from her items. Yet, it was beautiful and in sync enough to enhance her goods, to give them a nice setting. "Ambiance" was what I was thinking when looking at it. Tracey's table was very pretty. The pink was bold but not flourescent ... her table was striking. I wanted to stand in front of it and just stare! What I also found interesting was that there was a lot of "empty" space, but it worked well for her. I've seen empty spaces at booths before and they didn't work well for the seller. They seemed to make the table look like it didn't have much to offer, rather than the spaces creating more focus on the items.

Last year I saw a beautiful display table online. The seller had used two cloths. One to drape over the table, the other to create a swag at the front and cover the top of the table. the swag cloth looked like a stiff, semi-transparent, very lightweight material. It was red. She also used small crates and straw in and amongst the crates, as well as a neat greeting cards holder. It looked like a fan of long, steel bubble blowers (like those sticks with a circle on the end to blow bubbles).

A card was held in each circle (I presume each end was a pair of circlular clips/tongs). She did "country crafts". The overall display was beautiful and classy (ironic to me because of the straw and crates).
What I also found interesting about it was that it didn't overwhelm her goods. Anything more though, and I think it would've.

Re keeping ppl at your booth, a BCG member gave a cool tip at a meeting: provide a demo. She said that it draws people to your table as well as allows you to accomplish something. I think she'd said it creates more interest in your craftwork. That's a sticky feature at a craft table/booth, eh? What else to do to make your booth sticky? A silent auction? ??

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