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It does affect the sale, so how to price without costing yourself anything? What an item's worth is what the market will bear, imo, as opposed to what it should be sold for. What think?

Btw, when I got home after buying something a week ago, the sticker on it showed a lower price than what I'd paid. That left a bad taste in my mouth. I understand that prices do go up, but I couldn't help feeling that I should've gotten it for less. I was totally fine with what I'd paid until I saw that "hidden" sticker. :) If I didn't know the person selling it to me, I would've decided to not buy again, or, buy with great wariness. Trust is an issue in pricing, imo.

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I got burned on eBay by following common advice to start my bids at $1 or less. What a disaster. I didn't even sell the books at cost. I am glad that my books are in others' hands, though. Do you succeed in selling on eBay? If so, how? Tips welcome!
You're right, the energy that goes into making books only I know. Learning what it's worth is difficult to determine. From my experiments I know what my 4 x 6 books will easily go for, but I wonder if the most people will pay easily is higher than that.

In any case, some of the books I will price differently. That is, it would hurt to not have them for myself, so the price will be what I'm willing to part with them for, at minimum. Perhaps it's silly to allow emotion to dictate pricing, but I'm gonna do that anyway. :)
$3000 US on low-priced jewellery in 2 days?!
Thx for the tips. Much appreciated. An event in my town is coming up that I hope to sell at. It's 20 yrs old and I've heard a few thousand go. I'm anxious to try to get myself out of my comfort zone there.
Didn't make it. There's another coming up on Oct 4th. Not as big, but I hope to make it. Or perhaps I should just cool my heels and wait until I've built enough stock. Always rushing is so unpleasant.


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