Black Crafters Guild

African Diasporans creating, decorating, and artistically altering by hand

DC and Baltimore consulting group that sells art. "Obtainable Art [program] where [they] sell original art from local (DC/MD/VA) emerging artists at prices up to $500. A portion of the price of the artwork will be donated to the I Am Powerful Challenge for CARE, led by business woman and philantropist, Sheila C. Johnson. The campaign challenges individuals and businesses to empower women against poverty."

What've been your experiences in using an agent or other middle person? If you haven't used one, why not? Would you seriously consider it?

What about home craft parties? Would you participate in one as a seller?

Have you done that in your home for your handicrafts? Someone else's home? How did it go?

I'd love to see people host home craft parties for BCG artisans. They could do an all-crafts party or a particular kind, like pottery only, jewellery only, etc. But, how to recruit hostesses/hosts? I was thinking of offering a signup sheet at BCG events/tables. A webpage or BCG network profile could be posted for each host, if s/he wants it, even if s/he only allows her/his friends and relatives into the parties. One could do a party 1 - 3 times a year. Or however often s/he wants to. What think? The member could share in the cost to supply food, I suppose. I know that's not normal for a home party, but in the end, it could be cheaper than a booth. Or, the parties could be potlucks. What do you think? A member told me that she makes about $500 when she does a party for her goods in her home. Is that normal?

And, if the crafts are by more than 1 artisan, how to work out how the hostess/host would make $? That is, what would the formula be? E.g. 10% of everything or percentage per artisan?

Home Craft Party Central homepage

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