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So its Saturday night & I am stuck at home bored & with a cold on top of that...But that has not stopped my creative energy from flowing, so I made a couple more bracelets.
The first is the Glamazon Cuff~ a hammered silver cuff bracelet with a huge royal purple magnesite stone I LOVE this cuff so much that I made 2 one for myself of course :p & the other is up for sale & listed in the shop.
The second cuff is still a work in progress. In fact you can still see the dust from when I was working on it earlier. This "corsage" cuff is appropriately named Steel Magnolia & it is one of a kind & definitely unique.
It is a silver metal flower with hand painted brass colored trimming & the center of the flower is made of brass. Not sure what my plans are after I complete it,but I am having a lot of fun making it.

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