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I wish I had 8 arms. It's a bit frustrating, having to work on one craft at a time. While I'm making something, I can't wait until I get to move onto the next project. At the same time I can't rush anything, or else the item will undoubtedly become ruined.

I'm eager to start making soap and shampoo, but I have to exhaust my current materials first, make as many books and jewellery and ornaments as I can before justifying further expense to do more crafts. This probably means another summer will slip by without my having made a single bar of soap.

The slip-on jewellery is working out very well. It's so easy to take on and off, and one size fits all, even plus-size in most of the time. The stones are so pretty and I love seeing them woven together.

I'm working on getting my home in order. One of the bedrooms I'm going to turn into a craft room. My living room and kitchen are disasters at the moment, with my crafting stuff all over the place. It's also starting to become a little difficult to keep organised, so I very much need to get that crafting room done. I wish I could use the basement but the lighting is terrible. Plus, natural light is so much better. Not to mention free. :)

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