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Making it as an entrepreneur

RE: rejection of products or services ... I knew a woman whose products were good, but there was room for improvement in her customer service. I bought from her and after the 2nd time doing so, stopped because I was fed up with not being sent exactly what I paid for. It may have seemed minor to her, but changing an accent colour or small pieces of the item wasn't acceptable to me. I wanted what I saw, not a variation. There's another Black woman seller I was going to buy some items from, but… Continue

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I wish I had 8 arms. It's a bit frustrating, having to work on one craft at a time. While I'm making something, I can't wait until I get to move onto the next project. At the same time I can't rush anything, or else the item will undoubtedly become ruined.

I'm eager to start making soap and shampoo, but I have to exhaust my current materials first, make as many books and jewellery and ornaments as I can before justifying further expense to do more crafts. This probably means another… Continue

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For Sale

My webstore events

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I have found book jewellery (also referred to as "book thongs", but the term "thong" conjures disgusting images for me, and, the synonyms are negative) to be much better than a traditional bookmark. They're unobtrusive and easier to use. I love them and want to provide them with at least 1/2 of my books. My next purchase of bookmaking material will render me almost 400 books. It'll take me forever to paint the covers and so I won't… Continue

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Afrofest is coming up and I'd hoped enough members would sign up so that we could share the booth space for $62.50 each. Unfortunately that's not happening (8 members are needed and would get 1/2 a table each) and I suspect that this is due to cost. One of the things BCG will be doing after obtaining charitable status under a local arts umbrella organisation is raising funds in order to pay for members' selling space at events. It would be great if we could raise enough money to pay for our own… Continue

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